Sunday, April 12, 2009

Full Day with (most of) the Seamans!

What a great last Saturday in Thailand! We had a great dinner with some friends from church last night at a new Thai restaurant out on the river, then came home to do some packing (not too much, mind you) and just chill. We stayed up til about 4:30 this morning. My guess is that we are trying to reduce jet lag by getting back on Eastern Standard Time while still in Thailand. Who knows.

Anyway, we got to sleep in this morning, and then we headed out (in a crazy storm) across town to the Seamans. We spent a hour or so just hanging out, watching performances by the girls, and then 'Mr. Matt' stayed with the kiddos while Kristen and I went out shopping. First we stopped by Starbucks to fuel up for the shopping. :)

We went to a new shopping place, in light of the storm. We had planned on going to Chatachuk market, which we've been to a few times before, but we didn't feel like being in an outdoor market after the crazy storm... so, we tried a new shopping venue: JJ Mall. It was nice and definitely had enough types of places to choose from. Plenty of souvenirs and things that we were looking for. Kristen got a lot of cool stuff for crafts she's working on for the kids and other neat stuff for their house and some gifts. I picked up some souvenirs that we wanted for friends and family. We really enjoyed shopping and did lots of giggling throughout the day... always good for the soul. :)

There was also one of those places where fish eat at your feet, so I did it one last time! I got 10 minutes of fish feasting on my feet for less than three bucks. And it was a fun thing to do in our last couple of days here. I enjoyed it, but I felt a little on display! Kristen didn't do it, so I was the only one in there, and lots of locals just came up at stared. I tried to interact with them a little and convince them to try it, but they just gawked. It was kinda awkward.

After the shopping trip, we headed back to their place and joined back with Matt and the kids. More performances. :) Then, we piled in the van and headed out to dinner at Que Pasa. Where else? Always a good time. Unlike Thursday night, it was packed, there was power the whole time, and we were in and out in a decent amount of time. (Thursday night dinner with the Seamans at Que Pasa was a little eventful.)

After dinner, we stopped by some of the neighborhood soi dogs and tried to pet the new puppies, but they were too shy. Headed back to the house for more performances by the girls while Jack played DS and the grown-ups looked through the awesome Adventures In blog book! (They made a book out of their blog using Blurb, and it is stinking amazing!... I'm gonna do the same thing.) Then, the family talked about some of the Resurrection Eggs, and Matt and I enjoyed listening in. What a precious, faithful family! Not too much later, the kiddos headed to bed, and we played a couple games of Cities and Knights of Catan. I won the first game, and Kristen won the second. Very fun but not quite the same without Dan.

Matt and I left around midnight and are now chilling at home. Tomorrow/today is Easter Sunday, and we look forward to worshiping at church then spending the rest of the day cleaning and packing to head home. I think we are at about 53 hours left in Thailand. Crazy!

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