Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's in the 'Blue' Bag

A funny thing that drove my husband crazy during our recent travels is the fact that all my bags are blue.

Matt would say, 'honey, where's the ...'? And I would say, 'It's in the blue bag.' Or, I would say, "Matty, will you get me the .... from the blue bag?'

Sure, but WHICH ONE?
I learned pretty quickly to add a couple more adjectives to the description.

For example:
This is THE blue bag/purse. It's a very large purse, and I mostly use it for traveling or shopping.
This one is the blue computer bag.This one is the blue South Carolina and/or pool/beach bag. Gets a lot of use. (Thanks, Steph!)

This is the blue duffel bag. Did not go with us to Chiang Mai but did go to Krabi. (Thanks, Mom!)And this one is the toiletries bag that travels with me. (Thanks, Aunt Betsy!)I guess I like blue bags.

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