Friday, April 24, 2009

Job Update

Praise the Lord! Matt has a position with Doubletree Guest Suites downtown Charleston, where he worked before. This should tide him over pretty well until he can hopefully find a teaching job for the Fall.

Also, both of us will be trainers part time with a company called LearningRX. Check out the website for more information. We're both pretty excited about it! It's a one-on-one cognitive training program to help 'train the brain' to learn better. We'll be able to build relationships with students and their families... and help them to gain confidence in school and life in general.

Here's a short video that introduces you to the program. We're excited to start our training tomorrow. We're not sure yet how many hours we will be able to get, but the pay is great. After our training is completed, we should be ready to be official trainers by the end of next week. Stay tuned...


  1. Okay, so thoroughly excited for Matt's new job...and your new blog header. It is so cute, even if it had to be changed to Charleston :) Yay for your training, too!

    Que Pasa is not the same without you guys...who's gonna order a Cherry Spa-rite now?

  2. I like the new header graphic!

    On the job front, I think you should work at Starbucks.

    That way, I can come visit and you can give me free coffee!

  3. Great news! Excited for you guys!!

  4. I like the new banner but I'm sad the old ones gone :(

    Good luck with the new jobs! I hope everything turns out wonderful :)