Saturday, April 18, 2009

Update of Sorts

I'm so tired! Don't know how much of it is jet lag or stress, but I haven't been sleeping very well. Yesterday, I woke up at 2 am after going to bed at 10 pm. Didn't go back to sleep until I took a short nap around 4 in the afternoon. We took sleeping pills last night, and that helped us sleep about 8 solid hours... what a blessing!

Aside from being tired, it's been so much fun being home and hanging out with friends and family! We've also been spending a lot of time looking for houses to rent and of course, jobs. Looks like Matt will be working at the Doubletree again until he can find a teaching job. Not sure yet what I'll be doing. If anyone knows of anything, please let me know.

Last night, we went to my mom's house for a cookout and got to meet Dan's daughter, Kristen and her family. Zac and Kristen live in Utah, but they're visiting this week, and I'm so glad we'll get to hang out with them more. Their 4 kiddos (Makayla (not sure about spelling), Matthew, Nathan, and Adrienne) are so much fun, and they were having a blast with the dogs at mom's house last night. Crazy how much our family has grown in the last year!

Sorry for the lack of pictures... I'll try to add some soon of our reunions with everyone.

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  1. the house next door to us in Asheville is going up for rent in July. They have a huge back yard that I'm sure nala would love! You could be my neighbor!!