Monday, May 18, 2009

My New Job!

Praise God! As of last Tuesday, I have been offered a job with Verizon Wireless as a Call Center Customer Service Representative! Pending the results of a drug test (real worried about that one), background checks, and other paperwork, I will start my training on May 28th.

The looking for a job process hasn't been very much fun. And even the hiring process with Verizon wasn't too much fun. It involved doing the online application, waiting a couple weeks before setting up a phone interview. The phone interview (which the recruiter forgot until I called her but called at exactly the right time after we rescheduled). Going to the center to take a computer assessment (much more involved than I thought it would be). Going back for a face-to-face interview where the first guy must have been in his afternoon slump because he kept yawning and trying to hide it behind the folder... while his eyes were glazing over. The second lady hadn't even glanced at my resume or file before she came in. Then being offered the job... contingent on lots of things.

Here's what I'm looking forward to:
Good Salary. Great Benefits from Day 1! Lots of acquaintances who work there and really love it. Great Benefits. A nutritionist and personal trainer at the office (who happens to be one of Ginger's best friends). Great Benefits. Oh, and great benefits.

I'm very excited to start! I've never worked for corporate America, so I'm a little nervous about that aspect. But I'm hopeful and very thankful to have gotten this position. God is good!


  1. Yay!

    Great news!

    So, do you have to learn to talk with an Indian accent?

  2. Woo Hoo! Yay for Verizon Wireless - wait, did you mention whether there were benefits? :)

  3. That is awesome!! So excited for you!!! Job hunting is no fun! I'm excited to hear how God uses you there at Verizon. Could you get me a deal on my phone plan??? haaa...just kidding! Oh speaking of good news and job news, I just got a job at Compassion today!! YAY! We can celebrate together! Want you to know I'm praying for your sister too. Once again Congrats!