Saturday, June 6, 2009

Figured out what I'm doing with my Wedding Dress

I love the dress, but I'm not gonna wear it again. I want someone else to love it for their special day too. I haven't put it on ebay because it seemed too impersonal. I thought about consigning it, but that didn't seem to fit either.

Found the perfect solution:

It's an organization that gives bridal gowns to breast cancer patients OR sells the dresses at special events where all the proceeds go towards the Making Memories Foundation. This seems like the perfect fit for me!

Here's some information about the program, taken from this website:
  • "Brides Against Breast CancerTM"
    Giving brides-to-be, an opportunity to find the wedding gown of their dreams (at an incredible savings) while making wishes and dreams come true.
    Donate your wedding gown
If you have your wedding gown hanging around, please consider donating yours too.

1 comment:

  1. Such a great idea!

    So, July 11th? I told Josiah all about you. He'll be heartbroken if he doesn't get to meet you and Nala!