Saturday, June 6, 2009

First full week of training down!

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Hey guys, Sorry for the long absence. I've been trying to get used to my new schedule.

Here's a condensed version of this past week:
Sunday 11:00 pm--picked up Matt from work, got home, went to bed around 12:30 am

Monday: Up at 5:30 (read--5 hours of sleep), at work by 7:00 am
Hours of 'meet & greet' with our trainers for our New Hire Training and the rest of the class
Left work at 4:00 pm
Got home and took a 30 minute nap.
Got to Financial Peace class at 6:15
left at 8:00 before the discussion because we were starving
Dinner at Wendy's where we discussed what we learned
Home at 9:00, watched some tv, Slept at 11:30

Tuesday: Up at 5:30 (read--6 hours of sleep), at work by 7:00 am
Hours and hours of training for a very cool job that I'm very excited about
Left at 4:00, headed home
Took Nala to the dog park where there was a divine appointment
Picked Matt up from work at 11:00
Home and asleep around midnight

Wednesday: Up at 5:45 (read--less than 6 hours of sleep), at work by 7:00 am
Hours and hours of training... information overload
Lunch date at Chick-fil-A with Cindy and baby Lilly
Got news that Grandma Jones was not expected to live during the day
Left work at 4
Met Laura and Keto at the dog park near her house. A girl from my training class was there.
Went to dinner with Laura and her roommate.
Said goodbye to my grandma over the phone.
Drove around because I didn't have time to go home before I picked up Matt.
Picked up Matt at 11
Home and in Bed around 12:30
Thursday: Up at 5:45 (read--a little over 5 hours of sleep)
Matt dropped me off at 7:00 so he could have the car for the day.
Hours and Hours of training and watching my phone for news about Grandma.
Matt picked me up at 4, and we went to the doctor for a checkup. Change of meds.
Got doctor's approval to join the gym. (I have mixed feelings about this for obvious reasons.)
Dropped by Dad and Gail's for family dinner.
Drove around with Steven looking for cars.
Hung out with Ginger at her place for a couple of hours.
Worked on more of the budget (we'd REALLY like another car and a place to live)
Went to bed around 12:30.

Friday: Up at 4:08 am because Nala freaked out in her kennel, back to sleep around 5
Up at 6:06 (read--4.5 hours of interrupted sleep)
Ran out the door in order to make it to work by 7:00
Lots of training
Lunch date with Ginger
Phone calls about money and budget issues during breaks
Left work at 4:00 but a wreck meant not getting home until after 5

This really isn't too much at all as far as busy-ness, but all of these new things and lots of new people on 4-6 hours of sleep every night has me worn down. Lots of my down time is spent thinking on things like Grandma, other family stuff, bills, and all the things that I wish I could be doing differently. Plus, trying to absorb everything that I'm learning in training--which includes getting used to working for Corporate America. And hardly ever seeing my husband, who is very much my rock.

Some of my favorite moments of the week have been first thing in the morning when I'm driving to work as the sun is coming up over all the marshes that I pass. It's truly breathtaking, and God has been good to remind me of His steadfastness. It's then that there is joy in my heart and a reminder that this is just a season.

Lord willing: One day we'll be more on our feet financially. One day we'll have more of a similar schedule and be able to spend more time together. One day we'll have more than one car and a place of our own to live and make our 'home'. One day Grandma will no longer be suffering. One day Valerie will catch a break. One day I will be more in shape. One day we'll have children of our own... and on and on. Lord willing. Until then, we'll keep walking with Him, trying to make wise decisions, and trusting that He knows the beginning and the end and exactly how we fit into His plan of it all.

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