Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Frustration turned Funny

So, yeah, we've been looking for a place to live for awhile now. We have two things going against us: the fact that we want a decent place for not-a-lot-of-money, and the fact that we have a Nala.
After we've pre-screened a place that we think we can afford, the phone call goes something like this.

Me: "Hi, my husband and I are interested in renting an apartment/house/duplex/townhouse that we see you have for rent. Can you tell me what the current rent rate is and what the security deposit is?"
Renter: "Sure..."

If the prices seem doable and reasonable, I then take a deep breath and say: "And what kind of pet policy do you have?"
So far, this has gone one of two ways.
Renter: "We don't allow pets" or "We don't allow dogs" or "We allow small, non-aggressive dogs."

Today, after many, many of these calls, my conversation ended kinda differently than it has in the past.

Renter: "We allow small, non-aggressive dogs."
Me: "What do you consider small?"
Renter: "Under 50 pounds"
Me: "Oh, ok, sad."
Renter (seems like she would consider still): "Well, what kind of dog do you have?"
Me: "Well, she's a really sweet, submissive mix."
Renter: "What kind of mix?" (probably realizing that since I didn't say, I know it's one they wouldn't allow)

Me: "Well, she's got great dane and boxer mainly... and ... pitt bull." (I really can't lie!)
Renter: "Well, yeah, sorry, we can't allow that type of dog, since it has pitt."
Me: "That's ridiculous! That's RACIAL PROFILING!"
Renter: "uh, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha"
Me (after realizing how retarded I just sounded): "hahahahahahahahahahahahaha... sorry, hahahahahah, it's just kinda frustrating. She really is a nice dog. hahahahahahahahahahaha Oh well, have a nice day."

I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time, and it felt so good. Even if it is still frustrating, I can't believe I said something so ridiculous.