Thursday, July 9, 2009

Need some suggestions...

So, here at my new job (which I still love!), there are internet blocks in place that prevent me from checking email, getting on facebook, and other fun activities. Sad but understandable.

Since we are mostly in a classroom environment right now, I find myself in need of some online reading material. I CAN access my blog and other blogs on blogger and wordpress. And I've spent a lot of time on blogs of friends...and their friends. I even have some other friends from work sharing in my fun.

Here's my request: Blog often! AND leave commets when you do read posts...AND (most important right now), please leave me a comment with suggestions of other sites/blogs that I can visit. (thought I may not be able to get to it, I will try!)


P.S. I have some posts written but I'm waiting to be able to go somewhere with internet so that I can add pictures. There are a couple of fun recent updates to come!


  1. Here are some blogs that I follow and enjoy:

    Maybe you'll find one of these helpful in your quest for blog material. And be sure to let us know what other blogs you've found to stalk! :)

  2. Since I'm a huge fan of "Twilight" I find myself reading Stephenie Meyer's blog. I would suggest reading the Twilight series then reading some of her stuff online. She has put deleted chapters on there and just fun other stuff. She's a great writer and I know how much you enjoy that since you share a love for writing as well. It's at least worth a try to be entertained!

    Love you! I'll try to blog more often! Hope you enjoyed my post today!

  3. Hey Tricia,

    Among the blogs that I follow are some from people at the institute (you included :-)) - I thought you might enjoy checking some of them out:

    Mary Bell's blog:

    Dacia Droke's blog:

    Chris Marlink's family business blog:

    Dr. Tacket's Truth Project blog:

    Dr. Walt Larimore's health blog:

    I also occasionally look at this:

    And then you can read my blog if you like, but I haven't written much lately (sheepish smile), I have to get back to that:

    Well now you have a list... enjoy!

  4. I like these: (awesome!)

    and from that site i visit their links and i really like: Frekles Chick and Pancakes & French Fries. Another good one is Sea of Shoes & How About Orange

    If you can't get to this younghouse let me know and I'll try to get each of the other blogs sites so you can maybe get those! Happy blog surfing, i've really been enjoying it lately!

    AND i've been trying to update more regularly.

  5. Any of the blogs that I am linked to and then they are linked to are entertaining. :) Happy reading.

  6. I LOVE She's hilarious and posts daily. And she's an Aggie, so that's a big bonus. :)

  7. Thanks everyone! I can access a lot of these, and I'm very happy to have some new good blogs to visit! :)