Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yard Sales: Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

Last weekend, most of the Tyndall girls plus some friends did a multi-family yard sale at Mom's house. We missed the deadline for advertising in the paper, but we posted it on Craigslist and put up some major signage. We had a great amount of people come through, and the yard sale brought in a total of $750. Totally worth it.

But I did find myself wondering if it was worth it during the preparation time. You know, hours of sorting through things and figuring out whtat would sell. Hours and hours of labeling and pricing the individual items. Since it was multi-family, we had everything color-coded and priced so that we could keep track of everyone's individual profits.

And while we were at it, we went ahead and sorted all the clothes by sizes, then had the rest of the yard divided up into departments: linens, household, sporting goods, photo albums, wall decor, knick-knacks, furniture, etc.

It did my heart very good to hear so many remarks on how organized our yard sale was. We even had one person say that it was the most organized yard sale they'd ever been to. They might as well have given me a giant hug!

So, the hours and hours of prep, the very late night and very early morning, and the sorting and packing up afterwards: is it all worth it?

For me--yes! It is very good for my soul to get rid of stuff. Though I don't do it often enough, it's a very cleansing process. It might be awhile, but I'm already looking forward to the next one.

What do you think? Yard sales: love 'e or hate 'em?
That means comment, people! :)


  1. We've done one yard sale and felt like it was pretty successful - although I still couldn't help feeling a bit offended sometimes when people walked by or snubbed some pretty great stuff! (I thought) :) Like, come on, people, why don't you want to buy my junk?! hahaha.

    Anyway - it is a whole lot of work, though. phew, exhausting.

  2. Tricia,
    I really don't think that we would have made all that money if you had not put so much thought, organization, and effort into it. You really deserve most of the credit! Just think about how much we could have sold if we had actually advertised in the paper! Mom has already started another yard sale pile! It's just crazy how much stuff we all have and it is absolutely ridiculous! We definitely need to get rid of the "weights [_] that cling so closely." It really is a weight and it really was freeing to get rid of things..... yes, even the surfboard!

    Mom says, "We need to have a yard sale every month." I think that we definitely could and we could definitely use the extra cash, too!!!

    Love you!

  3. Hello Girly Girls...
    I am up for getting rid of the "weight" every month until it's under control and I can reclaim the house. Let's Do it!
    A Yard Sale every Month August, September, October..maybe November.

  4. know I LOVE THEM!! :)Congrats on your great sale!