Saturday, August 29, 2009

These Days...

Gosh, it's been too long. But I've been thinking of lots of things to share, so here goes.

These days:

-You will find us learning a lot more about being wise with our finances. This includes eating out almost never. This definitely includes no more Starbucks. This also means that I am much more likely to invite you over for a game night than to meet you for coffee or dinner somewhere--which is way more fun anyway!

-You will find Tricia working a new 2nd job, at Fanatic Fanz, about 10-20 hours/week. So far, this has been a fun job. It's nice to have more face-to-face time with people and get to have more project-type things to do at work.

-You will find that we have almost purchased a 2nd car and plan to pick it up tomorrow, actually. :)

-Nala spends a lot more time at home, sadly, since our schedule doesn't allow for as much dog-park time as she had when Tricia would be off at 4 pm.

-We are soaking up our last weeks with Ginger, who will be leaving soon to do a year away with Mercy Ships.

-We have had a 2nd yard sale and already have the date set for the next one. So... we spend our spare time going through things from each of our parents' homes--still quite a long way to go with this. Gosh, Tricia is a pack-rat. Seriously, she's saved just about every single note anyone has ever sent her. Though it's a lot of stuff, it's providing some fun memory-lane journeys.

-Valerie lives out of town now, so not as much sister time, but for awhile, we were able to spend a lot of time together and grow closer as sisters again which is a blessing. One of my favorite nights since we've been home was when Laura, Valerie and Ginger came over for dinner and game night. Fun times!

-I actually just recently feel as though I'm feeling 'settled' here in Charleston, and that means we are finally starting to catch up with more friends who we haven't seen in a long time.

-Nala has been introduced to babies and seems like she will be a good guardian. Cindy and Jerry came over one day with baby Lily, and that was the first time Nala ever met a little baby. She did really well, which was good because Zack, Stephanie, and baby Josiah stayed with us the next weekend.

-Matt is still working 3-11 pm shifts at Doubletree and hoping to find a 2nd job soon, which will be made much easier by the purchase of our 2nd vehicle.

-Tricia works a 10am-7pm shift now and spends most of the days on the phone serving customers. A picture of her training class is above. The days go by much faster on the phones than in training classes.

-Matt has his piano back.

-The Wii came back from Thailand inoperable. We are trying to figure out what exactly is wrong and if it's fixable. If it's not...

-We are looking forward to friends coming over for brunch tomorrow and then some other friends coming to stay with us next weekend!

Hopefully, more updates soon. :)

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  1. You guys are doing a great job and it's exciting to read on your blog what you are up to! We miss you but know that God has definite plans for having you in Charleston and not in Thailand anymore!!!