Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Belated GSP02 Brunch Post

Well, a looooooong time ago (mid-August), one of my favorite things in the world happened: we had friends over for bunch!

It was a mimi-reunion of sorts, as everyone invited to the brunch had been on Gatlinburg Summer Project in 2002... or is married to someone who was. Many of us have ended up in Charleston, and we found a good excuse to get together: Ginger's farewell to Mercy Ships. It seems like that's mostly when this crew gets together--either for 'welcome backs' or 'farewells'.
Anyway, it was a really fun morning. I got to use lots of my Pampered Chef suff to whip up some yummy 'brunch squares', muffins, and a chocolate chip cheese ball. We had a great fruit salad too, so we were definitely set. (Pic of Amber with the spread)

Ginger Henry was the honored guest as it was a send-off for her ministry with Mercy Ships. Amber Williams was the co-hostess. These ladies met on the infamous GSP2002 and have been roommates for the last 4 years here in Charleston!

Pic from left to right: Morgan, Ginger, Amber

Kurt and Morgan Brewer were also in attendance. These two actually met on that summer project and have since married and are on staff with CCC here in Charleston now.
(pic of Kurt below entertaining Nala / grossing the rest of us out by putting her bone in his mouth)

Dan Maloy was also on that project (and also a buddy of mine for 2 other CCC summers), and he brought his new bride, Shannon, to the brunch. The Maloys are also on staff now with the Charleston-based staff team of Cru.
Even my hubby was able to hang out, which was a special blessing to me. I miss soooooo many things about Crusade, and the people are definitely #2. (Being paid to walk closely with Jesus and love on others is definitely the #1!) Hopefully, we'll be able to get together more often.

Even though it was quite awhile ago, I know there are a handful of readers who would recognize most of this motley crew. :)

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