Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just Another Friday Night Snake Removal

Warning: graphic pictures of dead reptilian. ;)

So, there's been a dying/dead snake on our front porch for a few days now. I got home from work tonight around midnight and realized that we really shouldn't leave it there in case we have trick-or-treaters tomorrow night. I psyched myself up to take care of removing the snake. I talked Matt into video taping it so it's documented. The quality of the video is really bad because it was really dark, so I didn't even bother posting them. :/

The short story: (Picture 1) the snake somehow stuck in our front porch. Skinny but still not a pleasant critter to have sticking out of the front porch. Though we did hope the fact that it was dead would ward off any other potential slithery visitors. Matt told me a couple days ago about it so it wouldn't surprise me when I got home from work. We both had the same thought: 'oh good, the dead snake will go well with the dead frog on our front porch'This poor frog (picture 2) got squished by Nala like the week after we moved in (3+ months ago). We've tried a couple different methods of removing it but have yet to succeed. Gross, I know.

It was quite an ordeal to remove the snake. It was really stuck somehow up into the wall of the porch. Plus, I had moments of girlie hesitation. In the end, I was only able to remove about 2.5 feet of the snake. Not sure how much is still left in the house, but the rest of it didn't budge. I ended up chopping this much of it off with a brick. Ick.

Success! Picture 3: the snake (well, most of it) in a plastic garbage bag.
P.S. And NO trick-or-treaters at all!

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