Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You Wish You Had an Uncle Gary...

As I type this, my computer has been having some serious problems. Something appears to be wrong with the hard drive, but Uncle Gary is working on it and has already been able to 'rescue' a lot of my stuff saved on it. Yay for Uncle Gary!

Aside from being a computer guru, he's also a very talented carpenter and recently constructed this for our new home:
Our new hand-crafted table!It's a 'drop-leaf' table, so the middle part is always there, but both of the sides fold down which makes for a nice, smaller table which fits great in our little condo. :)

Thanks, Uncle Gary, for everything!

P.S. In typical Matt fashion, he surprised me with the finished table. We came home after hanging out at his dad's house and I noticed a funny smell in our condo. I said, 'gosh, what's that smell?', but as I continued to walk into the house, I saw the beautiful table, adorned with one of our Thai table runners and some fresh flowers. He likes surprising me when he can! :)

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! Yay for handy family members!

    Glad to hear your computer's on track to working again...

    It's funny: your computer bugged out, the Lowthers' computer did, and then last night mine started freaking out...

    What's the deal!