Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Baking at Momma's

My Mom had a tumor removed from her ear yesterday. Doc said it was most likely benign, and she went through the surgery well. After the surgery, she and I went to her house for an afternoon/evening of resting and lounging on the couch watching movies like any normal person would after surgery... or not.

Because my Mom is such a trooper, we actually ended up doing hours and hours of Christmas baking.

Haystacks were the first on the list. (Super-duper easy and tasty and something different than chocolate) 6 batches of those.

2nd were 'peanut butter blossoms'. (Peanut butter cookies with a Hershey's kiss added just after coming out of the oven.) 4 batches of those.

Next were brownies with holidays minty chocolate chips mixed in and on the top. 2 batches of those.

Then came my favorite: peanut butter delights. (you know, the oatmeal, cocoa, peanut butter no-bake cookies) 1 big batch of these. And last, but not least, rice krispy treats with festive decor. 2 batches of these (after Laura had to make a grocery store run to restock the marshmallows after the first attempt proved disastrous)

Add a few of each of these things to a Christmas-y tin, and you have a great Christmas gift for neighbors and friends!

It's been a Tyndall tradition for years, and I hadn't gotten to help bake for a long time, so it was a very special time with my Momma! And, both Valerie and Laura joined in partway through the evening, which made it even more special.

I am really, truly loving being with my family so much this holiday season. There's been a lot of drama and some heartache recently, but we're even more mindful this year of the power of Christmas.


  1. wow - that is a lot of baking! Looks yummy!
    Sorry to hear that your mom had to have surgery. Give her our wishes for a quick recovery.

  2. Good grief! That's a lot of baking!