Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wonderful Christmas Time

I love Christmas. I'm so glad that Jesus was born and that a majority of people celebrate that fact during this time of year, whether intentionally or not.

I'm kind of bored tonight at work, wishing I was at home in cozy pjs, listening to Christmas music, looking at our Christmas tree and wrapping presents or writing Christmas cards. Unfortunately, I'm at work. And I couldn't be wrapping presents or writing Chritmas cards anyway because I'm already mostly done with those things... I love them too much to leave them undone on a 'to-do' list.

I'm remembering last year at this time, being in Thailand, making Christmas crafts to decorate our house, teaching my class a song & dance for the huge Christmas performance, ordering presents online for family and friends, and enjoying being able to sneak Christmasy things in wherever possible.

This year, I'm very thankful to be home for Christmas. I'm so excited that we have a REAL Christmas tree this year (our first married one!), a mantle decorated for Christmas, and a wreath on the front door. It's been so much fun to go Christmas shopping and wrap the presents myself. We even did picture Christmas cards this year, which we hadn't done since our engaged Christmas. It just feels so Christmasy.

The last couple of nights, I was able to wrap a lot of Stephani's and Grandma's presents, which totaled somewhere close to 100 presents, while watching a Christmas movie with family. That was one of the things I missed the most last year.
There are many people that fill my mind this time of year. Lots of friends scattered around the world that I wish were closer. But I even feel closer to them right now knowing that we're doing a lot of the same things and even surrounded by some of the same things.

It's just wonderful. Christmas time.

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  1. i got your christmas's lovely. thanks for thinking of us! i'm glad you're enjoying the wonderful christmas time!