Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Just looked back on last year's New Year's post and thought it seemed like just yesterday. This year (as in 2009) FLEW by! Matt said the same thing.

2009 was quite an exciting year with the first few months in Thailand. We were finally getting the hang of life there when it was time to go. Transitioning back home was weird, and the last part of the year has just been hectic. I can't think of a theme for 2009, so I'm thinking I'll do a wordle, which are the word pictures I like to keep track of things.

2010 looks to be the first year since 2000 that I will not move, at all. That's only because we're in a lease until next January (not that that's stopped us before), but this time, we will not be breaking a lease early. Maybe I'll even stay with the same job(s). At least one of them.

I don't do resolutions. I gave up on them a long time ago, which is probably because I was never good at keeping them. I subscribe more to Valerie's philosophy of everyday is a fresh start, so if I ever feel super compelled or convicted to change something, it can happen anytime. I definitely have some goals running through my head though. (haha, that's probably the same thing!) Maybe I will take the time to put them in my journal so I can at least look back on them. (One of my goals, by the way, is to find my journal, which I haven't seen since around August.) Sad.

One of the things I'm really hoping will happen is a missions trip to be part of Mercy Ships and get a taste of Ginger's life there. She was able to visit us this past weekend but will soon be heading back to meet up with the Africa Mercy for a 2-year commitment with that ministry. I'm so excited for her and ask you to pray for her financial support and upcoming travels! You should follow her blog too. Hopefully she'll get to update it more.

Another one of my nonexistent resolutions is to be in better touch with loved ones. One of those ways will be through this blog. Even though life isn't as adventurous as when we lived in Thailand, writing is definitely an outlet for me that keeps me sane. (Hopefully it's not mundane or boring to you all though! :) )

Here's to 2010 being a joyful year!

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