Monday, January 18, 2010


Facebook is full of references to 24 tonight. I love 24! But I prefer to watch the whole season at a time. In fact, I've never watched a season as it happened. I always wait for it to come out on dvd so I can just splurge and watch it in one swoop. For example, I just got Season 7 for Chritmas, and we've watched a few hours at a time in a few sittings. The next time Matt and I get to hang out (maybe Friday morning or Sunday night), we will finish the last 4 hours.

The first time I ever watched it was when I lived in Uz, during Chritmas break. I think I watched 2 seasons within a week. Easy to do. I could have easily watched more, but we only had the 1st two seasons over there.

Because I started out watching it this way, I never thought I would be able to wait a whole week in between episodes. It seems like it would be too hard. For this season, though, I've actually been considering watching the season as it happens. But then I change my mind.

What does it say about my personality that I have to watch it all at once? I can't wait a week in between episodes like most of the world? Maybe I could, but I've just never done it that way, so I don't even want to try.

So, for the whole Season 8, I have to ignore all the references about 24 on Facebook and everywhere else. It won't be easy.


  1. I prefer to watch it all at once as well. I did that for seasons 1-6 because I didn't get on the 24 train til late. However, now I'm to impatient to wait for the seasons to come out on DVD. So what does that say about me?? Because I'm doing what gives me instant gratification even though its not my preferred way. hmmm

  2. bahahahha, you're funny. I watched the first couple seasons in UZ too! With Jennifer (I think, or was that you?). I'm to the point where I only watch the show socially, like if my friend invite me over to watch b/c they're all into it...i only half watched the first episode last night...b/c i was painting a bathroom for the first part and reading blogs!