Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thoughts on Prayer...

I was driving home from work Friday night after a loooong week working a lot of overtime. And it was just one of those days. Too many people complaining. Just about every single call asking for credits to the account. And after taking something like 70 calls, I had reached my limit and started taking everything personally.

It doesn't matter how nice you are. Sometimes people are just mean. And they think if they are meaner, they will get something for it. Ugh. I can be sooooo nice for the first few of the jerks, but after that, it just doesn't seem worth it anymore. I'm over it.

I was complaining to the Lord about this on my way home when it hit me that I was acting towards God in the same way that I was mad at customers treating me: complaining, whining, and asking for a break. Asking for something that I don't necessarily deserve.

Then, I realized that my pathetic 70 calls that day were absolutely nothing compared to what God hears everyday. Yet He is not as fazed as I am. The few people who might approach God with the praise, adoration, confession, thanksgiving and surrender are probably rare compared to those like me who don't make time for that kind of prayer. He's amazing.

I've been limited to 'flash prayers' of "Lord, seriously, give me some patience here... Lord, give me some direction here... Father, help me with these thoughts... God, forgive me..."

Good perspective for me on so many levels. I was challenged to actually make time to spend some real time with the Lord again instead of just throwing up requests or even complaints. He's worthy of more than my pathetic pleas for help and favor.

Maybe spending more time with Him will enable me to have more grace towards the evil, mean customers as well. Hopefully.

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  1. wow, that is very convicting. thank you for sharing that. i deal with complaining people all the time, then i go home and complain to brian...and God! I love seeing God work in you. Miss you deary!