Saturday, February 20, 2010

55 Things to Know about the Birthday Girl!

1. Today is my 55th birthday!
2. I was born in Spartanburg, SC
3. I have a older brother and a younger brother
4. My mom was a postmistress
5. My dad managed a grocery store

6. I went to Russia in high school
7. I went to college at Pfeiffer College in Meisenheimer, North Carolina
8. On the Russia trip, we also visited several Eastern European countries
9. I've also traveled to Turkey and Uzbekistan

10. My first daughter, Patricia Leigh, was born in Las Vegas, NV when I was 27
11. Extreme Home Makeover is my favorite tv show
12. Over the years, I've had 4 special dogs
13. I once worked in a mattress factory14. I currently drive a fun car: a VW Eos hardtop convertible
15. I love to listen to and sing to praise & worship songs
16. I used to sell tupperware
17. I was married on May 22, 1976 in Spartanburg, SC

18. If I was a crayon, I would be Gold
19. I am a mother-in-law to 1 (so far)

20. My dream vacation is an Alaskan cruise
21. My 50th birthday has been my most memorable so far
22. When I was little, I wanted to be a MOM when I grew up

23. My second daughter, Valerie Elaine, was born 6 days before I turned 31 in Alberquerque, NM
24. I've lived in UT and MS

25. I currently spend several hours a day as a nanny for 4 kiddos under age 6
26. I have several long-time friends for whom I'm very thankful
27. I am also blessed to have a loving extended family
28. My favorite job has been a stay-at-home mom

29. This is my first birthday without my Mom, and she is missed
30. My father and my husband both passed away on Sunday, February 25, but 6 years apart

31. My Dad was so great that he used to drive 3.5 hours just to cut our grass
32. My bridal portraits were taken months after my wedding, and I was never a fan
33. My favorite toy growing up was our backyard

34. I like to watch college football
35. I've been a bank teller
36. I want to travel a lot more
37. I traveled to France with my middle daughter and loved riding along the Riveria in our rented convertible

38. I took German in high school
39. I majored in history
40. My favorite color is green
41. I've been on 2 cruises to the Bahamas
42. Laura Katherine, my 3rd daughter was also born in Alberquerque, NM when I was 33
43. All 3 of my daughters graduated from college with honors (they have my smarts)
44. I'm part of a loving church family who have loved,
supported, and helped grow me for over 20 years
45. Dark chocolate is my favorite candy
46. Daisies are my favorite flower
47. I enjoy catching up with friends from Air Force days
48. I'm thankful for each day
49. My wonderful daughter is about to move home again to keep me company
50. I have 3.5 granddogs
(Tori is technically a granddog, but she's pretty much mine)
51. I met and married Carl Tyndall while in college
52. I went to England with Carl and some school friends and one of our professors
53. I lived in SC, NC, MS, and NV before having kids

54. My daughters love me more than I know!
55. I am a VERY special lady

Happy Birthday Momma!
We love you very much!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Conversations with Nala, Part 3

I came home from work to find yet another edition of 'The Dog-gone Truth', aka Conversations with Nala. You can view it here.
And please let me know if you laugh out loud like I did.
(Cuz I really want to know if I'm the only one that thinks these are funny.)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Catching Up: Matt's Birthday

Matt's birthday was pretty laid-back, which is the way he likes it. We both had 2 days off in a row, which was wonderful. We took it easy in the morning where I slept even later than he did. Then, we went over to his grandparents' house where he was given these fun balloons by his grandparents and Aunt Pat. We hung out over there for awhile then came home to torture Nala with said balloons.
Matt tied them around her which we thought for a minute might cause her to float away, but alas, she did not fly in the air. She did, however, fly around the apartment in an attempt to be rid of the bothersome balloons tied around her. When they would hit a door frame, there would be a loud 'boom', and it would make her run even faster. She was terrified, poor baby girl. So after about an hour, well probably about 5 minutes, we took them off. She then went to the corner shaking and would cower everytime Matt went near her. It took a few hours for her to go near Matt again, and we had to actually get rid of the balloons completely in order for her to fully recover. Lesson learned. After the balloon festivities, we met up with our immediate family at Myabi, a Japanese steakhouse that Matt loves. There wasn't any special attention on him at the restaurant because it was also the birthday week of 3 others in attendance. And he prefers not to stand on a chair and dance in front of the whole restaurant anyway.

Tyndall girls + Matty (not color-coordinated on purpose)
Mark and Steph were party hopping but glad they could join us too. :) Steven had jut gotten his iPhone, so Laura was helping him figure it out. No further comment. Dad and Gail who was also one of the birthday girls!

After dinner, Steven came back to our place and we played Wii for a little bit then decided to go bowling. Well, we couldn't find any open lanes in Charleston for at least an hour and didn't feel like waiting around. So, we went up to Frankie's Fun Park and decided to go putt-putting. Seemed like a fun idea, and we thought we'd be fine in the 40 degrees for long enough to do 18 holes. What we didn't factor in was the fact that it started raining right when we got there. We still did the 18 holes, and it was fun for the first couple, but after that, we just endured it because we had paid good money and driven like 30 minutes to be able to do it. After putt-putting, we went inside to the arcade and ended the night with skee-ball and some other random games while drying out and warming up inside.All in all, I'd say Matt had a pretty good 25th birthday!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Confess: I HATE Matt's Pillow

Matt has had the same. exact. pillow for over 10 years. He claims they don't make them the same anymore, so he will never switch. Ever.

This particular pillow smells like it has been around for 10 years. And if you know me, you know I'm super-sensitive when it comes to smells. Just imagine 10 years of sweat, drool and sleep.Recently, the 'special' pillow has been tearing apart. Pretending to be a good wife, I have sewn it up a couple of times. This last time I sewed it, I asked Matt if there were any other spots that were about to bust that he thought I should try and make stronger. His response: 'well, the whole thing is about to fall apart, really'. At least he realizes this.Will he allow me to buy him a new pillow or even look for new ones? No.
He says, 'It will be impossible to find a pillow exactly like the one I have.'

I know. That's the point.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Matt's 25 Today!

Well, a lot has changed since last year's birthday post.
Today is your 25th birthday!!!

These are things about you that are true today:

Jobs: Client Service Coordinator at Banfield Pet Hospital & Front Desk Associate at Doubletree

Activities/Interests: Aquariums, Wii-ing (thanks, Steven!), Playing the Nintendo DS (thanks, family!), watching scary movies, watching movies in general, photography, animals, playing Settlers (but we never get to do it anymore), playing computer games, watching Spongebob, traveling, God, hanging out with your wife, our dog Nala, cooking.Favorite foods: Japanese, Italian food, Sushi, Salads. Ginger's frosting. Desserts!
Least Favorite foods: Anything Breakfast.

Favorite sayings: I'm tired. I'm hungry. I'm full. I'm nauseous. I don't want to go to work. Let's watch a movie. What do you want to do tonight?

Things you did while you were 24: Bottle-fed a baby tiger. Finished your first year of teaching in Thailand. Moved back to America. Painted our condo. Got a new, old car. Saw yourself on the big screen.What you think your future son's name will be: Lyrik Powers or Lyrik James (this hasn't changed)
What you think your future daughter's name will be: Ellyanna Ruth or Evelyn something (also hasn't changed)
Favorite Shows: Friends. Spongebob. 24. Glee.
Favorite Movies: too many to name, Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Christopher Guest movies...
Favorite Article of Clothing: lounging pants. Jeans.

What you want to be when you grow up: leaning towards a teacherThings Tricia loves about you: You are working so hard to get us out of debt. You are able to remember the big picture when I get caught up on little things. You are so funny and make me laugh! You are also so laid-back. You snuggle me. You play with my hair and like me to play with yours. You're my best friend, and we still love hanging out. That you kill the giant spiders and bugs for me. You love Nala so much, and I can't wait to see how much you'll love our kids. You remind me to turn to Jesus instead of you sometimes. You really love your family. You aren't perfect, and you know it. You're real! You help me to be real. I love your eyes. Your kisses. Your hugs. I love how you get excited about things I think are silly. You do the dishes. You drive an old hoopty car and never complain.
I love you, Matthew! Happy 25th Birthday!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Conversations with Nala

Found these videos today. Take 2.5 minutes to watch these.

This stuff cracks me up. My husband is so funny!

Which one do you like better?