Thursday, February 18, 2010

Catching Up: Matt's Birthday

Matt's birthday was pretty laid-back, which is the way he likes it. We both had 2 days off in a row, which was wonderful. We took it easy in the morning where I slept even later than he did. Then, we went over to his grandparents' house where he was given these fun balloons by his grandparents and Aunt Pat. We hung out over there for awhile then came home to torture Nala with said balloons.
Matt tied them around her which we thought for a minute might cause her to float away, but alas, she did not fly in the air. She did, however, fly around the apartment in an attempt to be rid of the bothersome balloons tied around her. When they would hit a door frame, there would be a loud 'boom', and it would make her run even faster. She was terrified, poor baby girl. So after about an hour, well probably about 5 minutes, we took them off. She then went to the corner shaking and would cower everytime Matt went near her. It took a few hours for her to go near Matt again, and we had to actually get rid of the balloons completely in order for her to fully recover. Lesson learned. After the balloon festivities, we met up with our immediate family at Myabi, a Japanese steakhouse that Matt loves. There wasn't any special attention on him at the restaurant because it was also the birthday week of 3 others in attendance. And he prefers not to stand on a chair and dance in front of the whole restaurant anyway.

Tyndall girls + Matty (not color-coordinated on purpose)
Mark and Steph were party hopping but glad they could join us too. :) Steven had jut gotten his iPhone, so Laura was helping him figure it out. No further comment. Dad and Gail who was also one of the birthday girls!

After dinner, Steven came back to our place and we played Wii for a little bit then decided to go bowling. Well, we couldn't find any open lanes in Charleston for at least an hour and didn't feel like waiting around. So, we went up to Frankie's Fun Park and decided to go putt-putting. Seemed like a fun idea, and we thought we'd be fine in the 40 degrees for long enough to do 18 holes. What we didn't factor in was the fact that it started raining right when we got there. We still did the 18 holes, and it was fun for the first couple, but after that, we just endured it because we had paid good money and driven like 30 minutes to be able to do it. After putt-putting, we went inside to the arcade and ended the night with skee-ball and some other random games while drying out and warming up inside.All in all, I'd say Matt had a pretty good 25th birthday!

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