Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baby Girl Nala

Our Nala Bean is lame. About 3 weeks ago, Matt took her to the dog park where she had a grand ol' time as usual. But leaving, Matt noticed she was limping a little bit. That night, when I was getting in bed (which requires her getting out of my space), she couldn't jump down on her own. And when I tried to lift her down, she yelped out in pain and peed the bed (I'm guessing fear from not being in control while hurt). Poor baby girl. It broke my heart, and her shaking for the rest of the night did not help.
Her first visit to the vet, he didn't really see anything wrong, just said she needed to take it easy since she was still limping. And she got some meds for the pain. Well, I took her to my Mom's house the next weekend so she could have a change of scenery, but apparently, all the running around the house with her cousins that day made it worse. Her next visit to the vet (this past Thursday) produced more evidence to the vet, and he noticed she has a stretched ligament. He also said that 75% of the time, this type of injury results in a torn ligament, which leads to a costly surgery. Matt's discount at the vet would help a little, but it would still be around $900. Boo.So, we are trying to take it easy with her, but it's hard. It's sad because she truly loves running and bounding around. That's probably when she's the happiest, and it makes us super happy to see her that way.Today, I was putting on 'exercising' clothes because Matt and I went to the county park for a picnic and walk. She knows what that normally means and was spinning around with anticipation. I almost cried because of how excited she was, and we were going to have to leave her behind. So... we ended up taking her. And we had a blast (all three of us), and she didn't start limping until the end of the afternoon. Unfortunately, now she's not walking on it at all. Past limping.
I need to start thinking more long-term for our baby girl instead of just in-the-moment. Matt's better at this than me, but I think I learned a lesson today. As Matt said, it is better for her to have to do nothing for a couple of months than nothing forever...

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  1. Poor Nala!!! I'm so sorry she's hurt...give her kisses from us! Get better soon Nala!