Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Catching Up: Matt's Birthday Present

I meant to write about this while ago, but I kept forgetting.

This year for Matt's birthday, I made him a t-shirt quilt. We both had tons of old t-shirts we were hanging onto mostly for sentimental reasons rather than to really wear them. Ever since seeing the one our friends the Morrows have in Texas, I've wanted to make one. I made myself a quilt last Fall, and it was good practice for Matt's. They were pretty much the same, but the mistakes I made on mine were learning points to not make on his. And I made his a lot thicker.
I recruited a friend of mine from work to help as she is a more accomplished seamstress than I (which almost anyone is), and projects like this are always more fun to do with someone else. She honestly ended up doing most of mine in the Fall, but I wanted to do Matt's. To start off, we googled how to do one and found some helpful websites, but we pretty much just figured it out as we went along, didn't use a pattern or anything... thus, they are both pretty simplistic. We basically had squares of all the same size, but the squares were sometimes either the whole front or whole back, or front and back halves put together, or 4 or 5 small pieces from different shirts made into one square.
Cutting the shirts really takes the longest as you have to lay them all out and figure out the biggest pattern and base the rest of them off of that. For Matt's I spread this out over several days, as he kept finding more t-shirts (and made special trips to his Grandma's and Dad's attics to find even more t-shirts) that he wanted to be part of this quilt. I got my Mom to help with this one day, as he had some really random shapes I had to work with. The sewing camps I did one summer seemed like a long time ago. I pretty much had to re-learn how to use my machine, so Mom was helpful in that process. :) Then, once everything was cut and ready to be pieced together, I took my friend from work and her daughter up to Saluda for the weekend to finish the quilt. Mom came up to work on some projects too, and my friend Jacqueline ended up stopping by for a few hours, so it turned out to be a really fun weekend (back in January!). Kim and I put the quilt together in a matter of about 10 hours, which I was pretty impressed with. We also worked on a few projects for another work friend, Cristen's, wedding. Sadly, I don't have pictures from the weekend, but it was fun.
Matt seems happy with it, which makes me happy. :) While cutting the squares, I dressed Nala up in the scraps. I think she ended up having parts of about 10 shirts on before I put her out of her misery. :)


  1. Awesome!

    When are you making mine?

  2. that's great!! brian's been collecting shirts for a quilt too. looking forward to making his too...though he'll probably do most of the sewing...i'm a better cutter-outer :)