Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

We made it to church this morning for worship and celebration of the Resurrection.
After church, we did lunch/dinner at Grandma's. (This is pretty much an every Sunday thing but more special today.) There was also the addition of fabulous Easter baskets courtesy of the Easter Bunny via Steph.

After lunch/dinner and sitting around talking, we took Easter naps and the rest of the day has been a pretty normal Sunday. Grocery store, laundry, and Sunday night tv (Amazing Race!) then watched Alice in Wonderland (the Disney cartoon) with Steven.

However, it has not been a normal Easter for me. The past few years, Easter has been full of emotions for me as it was Easter weekend in 2006 that my team and I were forced to leave the city we were living in and doing ministry in. We knew it was coming, but it all came to a fruition and rush out of the city the day before Easter... leaving behind lots of very special people we never really got to say goodbye to. And also leaving behind about 100 students who were in the process of gathering to watch a film that portrayed the meaning of Easter in their own language. It happened very fast.

This year, it definitely crossed my mind and I felt sadness, though it wasn't as painful as it has been the previous years. I'm hopeful in this. As much as I loved that place and those people and that season of life, that's not where I am now. And I should definitely not let the sadness of leaving Uz overshadow the power of Easter. I mean, it doesn't. But, in some ways, emotionally, I have allowed it to.

I fought against that this year, and I'm thankful. Thankful that God is the author of my life story, as ever-changing as it is. Thankful that God used coming home that Spring 'prematurely' to intertwine mine and Matt's lives that eventually led to our marriage. Thankful that the power and impact of Easter hasn't been affected at all by my emotions the last few years. Jesus is beyond emotions. Jesus's death and Resurrection was not and cannot and will not be overshadowed by anything!

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!


  1. Happy Easter Tricia!!! I didn't know it was Easter weekend when you had to leave Uz...very interesting and neat to see how God is working in your heart!

  2. Nice Easter blog, Tric! Everyone looks great! Love Grandma's sassy little dress, too! :)