Thursday, April 15, 2010

Life Since Thailand

Well, as my Facebook post stated earlier, we've now been back in the States for an entire year. Wow. Hard to believe; as cliche' as it sounds, in some ways it seems like yesterday. Other times, it feels like an eternity.

Matt misses Thailand a lot more than I do. I miss it, but I still miss Uzbek more. Must have something to do with the first place that you live overseas...Though there is a temptation to be kinda down and focus on the things we really miss about Thailand (mostly friends like these, and our kids, and other friends, and the animals, and just the adventure of living somewhere so different), I'm going to focus instead of the Highlights of Life Since Thailand:
-being in our third year of marriage
-seeing our families so much (though probably not as much as we thought we would)-being here for some life-changing family situations (good and bad)
-getting to hang out with long-time friends

-making new friends-having decent jobs that we like most days
-doing Financial Peace University and paying off debt slowly but surely

-life with Nala Bean
-thinking we finally know what we want to be when we grow up

-(just recently) finding a church we're really excited to be part of

So now we're excited to see what the next year will bring!


  1. Girl- I feel you!!! I've been thinking about Thailand SO much... gosh, it's so hard, but glad to see you're focusing on the positives about being here!!

    And also excited for Grad school stuff for you BOTH! Congrats, great decision!!