Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Mom has not had the easiest year. If you're lucky enough to know her, take her out to lunch or dinner if you want to hear about it. She would prefer to get to tell you about things in person and get to hang out with you at the same time.In this last difficult year, I've found more reasons to admire and respect my Mom. She lost her mom this last year and misses her a lot. She lost her relationship with Dan. She lost her job and hasn't yet found a full-time replacement. But she now spends several hours a week helping a single dad take care of his 4 kids under 7! She's been dealing with these things, on top of being a mom to the 3 of us girls. (Which includes putting up with all of our drama too!) She's a busy lady.
But she's more than busy dealing with life. She's busy learning more about herself and her Savior. She loves Jesus and knows He loves her. After a difficult season, she is learning lots about forgiveness and redemption. This is one of the best things I can think of to learn from my Mom. And I'm so thankful God gave us a real Mom that we can walk closely with through life, the good and the bad.
To celebrate her, we took her out for a nice dinner to Vickery's on Shem Creek. It was a really nice evening!
We love you Mom and are so thankful for you!

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