Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nala Update

The previous Nala lameness post ended with us waiting and hoping no surgery would be necessary. For the last 6 weeks, she's not been to the dog park at all and only on 2 long walks. We haven't even taken her to play with other doggies since she will get too excited and play too hard. We've kept her as calm as possible, but this girl was born to run! Even when taking her out to potty, she will squeeze in a few romps just for fun. It makes me wince every time though.

I never realized before that she truly does not like to just walk. She likes to add in a few hops here and there and prances just to spice things up. Unfortunately, these things (and constantly jumping off and on the bed and/or couch) eventually caused the tendon in her knee to completely rupture.

At her checkup today, one of the vets Matt works with strongly encouraged us to have the surgery. For long-term recovery, it's definitely the best option, though she will probably never be completely pain-free in that leg again. The injury is even causing a lot of fluid build-up in her other back leg because of all the limping she's doing. It's just not wise for us to put it off much longer.

Thankfully, Matt works at a vet, so a surgery that would normally be about $1200 will be considerably less for us. And one of the vets he works with has never done this particular surgery before. By letting her do it as a 'learning surgery' with another experienced doctor supervising, this is also going to reduce the cost significantly. We don't have a price yet. It makes me anxious to think about it, but I'm choosing to focus on the fact that it's going to be much, much less than it could be.

We'll keep y'all updated.

And thanks for at least pretending to care about this update on our four-legged child. :)

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