Monday, May 10, 2010

Our Aquarium

Early January, using some of our Christmas money, Matt was able to setup an aquarium for us. I say Matt because he's had several before and has been looking forward to having one again. I always thought it was an unnecessary (and boring) way to spend money, so I've never really been for it. But Matt would mention it every once in awhile, and I could really tell that it was something he wanted.

He has a 55 gallon tank, which is no small thing to fit into our house. I used that as an excuse too. And I'm not a fan of most aquarium stands because they are so heavy looking. But, in our past discussions about the fish tank, I always had an idea of the kind of stand I might like. In my mind, I wanted a stand that was almost like a bookshelf, and black. That way, it was multi-functional. If we decided to break the tank down later, we could still use the piece of furniture for something. Practical, right? But also impossible to find... until one day we were at the fish store looking with Steven for something he needed when he was changing his tank from salt to fresh water.

The perfect stand (in my mind!) was in the middle of the store, even black which is what I wanted (there are few black fish stands). And, the best part-- the owner was having a hard time selling it, so he sold it to us for $50. Uncle Gary who built our kitchen table and was thinking of building us this fish stand, too, said he couldn't even have built the stand for less than $50. We actually didn't have the $50 then, though, so we waited until after Christmas. At first, they asked for $75, but they did end up selling it for $50... and even delivering it to our house for free! Yay!

So, we've had it now for a few months, and I really, really enjoy having it. It's not been nearly as expensive as I thought it would is now incorporated into the 'pets' part of our monthly budget.

We found baskets at Target to use on the shelves to help organize it. Steph said it's a good way to have 'concealed junk', and I wholeheartedly agree. :)

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