Saturday, July 31, 2010

Phone Irony

After several months of having this phone, I finally took time to fix my phone settings EXACTLY like I wanted (which included a couple of factory resets along the way).
A few days later, I removed the insurance from my phone (and Matt's) because I figured I didn't need it since I've gone this long without needing it.

Also last week, I purchased a Droid X on one of my lines that had an upgrade. Since I was getting the discounted contract price but don't really use that line, I planned to sell the phone on eBay and make a profit. First time I sold it for a $331 profit, but the person never paid. Second time I sold it for a $375 profit, the buyer was a scam artist out of Nigeria. Third time I sold it for a $332 profit, the buyer's 10 year old nephew was 'playing' around on eBay and put in the winning bid. Never sold. So, I returned it to Verizon.

Monday night, I lost my phone (the one I had JUST finished setting up-the one I had JUST removed insurance from-and the very day I could have JUST kept the extra phone for my line).

Oh, the irony.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Life Since California

Two things will be wrong with this post.
1) There will be no pictures. I dislike posting blogs with no pictures, but it's not an option at this point.
2) It's not in chronological order with other posts I'm working on. SOOO much to update on (including 12 days of vacation).

Now, on to the post!

We got back from California at 3:30 am on June 29th. I had the day off, but Matt had to work. I did laundry and ran errands. Had lunch with Grandma, Steven and Steph. Picked up Nala. That night, we had jetlag and didn't go to sleep til like 5am.

The next day, lots happened:
1. We had our CARES interview (remember this post?).
2. I found out I got a promotion that I had applied for at Verizon.
3. Also found out that said promotion comes with a nice raise. (Praise God it was more than I expected!)

Somewhere in those couple of days, Nala had a checkup for her leg. The vet discovered that now it's both of her back knees that are ruptured. He recommended the specialist do the surgery, which took the price of the surgery from $100 to $4500. Yikes. I cried. At the vet (Matt's work). I was embarrassed. The vet also told us that after 3 years, there was little to no difference in healing for dogs who have the surgery and ones who do 'conservative therapy' which means REST. We opted for the rest.

We found out we got accepted to CARES. Now we are just waiting for the right apartment community to open up for us. Please be praying with us for this. :)

We got a refund that we didn't expect from Matt's first semester at school. We made grown-up decisions with it. Paid off a couple credit cards completely. Put more money towards another card. Put away some money for emergencies. Put away some money for moving. And bought new computers (thus the no pictures on this post). We can justify all of these things for you if you need it. :)

We also got another dog. (What a teaser!!!) You'll have to wait for another post to meet her, in case you're on Facebook because there are pictures there already. :)

That's all for now... :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

5am: Thoughts on Blogging

So... I've just spent 3.5 hours catching up on blogs. I love blogs. I follow lots of blogs. Some people's who I don't know who are maybe friends or relatives of friends. I follow more 'public' blogs designed for lots of readers and not much interaction. I follow blogs of friends I still consider friends though I may not have talked with them for years. It's nice to feel somewhat connected. Tonight, no joke: I laughed out loud, cried, had heartache, was perplexed, challenged, amused, intimidated, encouraged, and entertained. Among other things.

Also, everytime I spend an extended amount of time reading blogs, I go back and forth between wanting to blog more and giving up blogging altogether.

Anyone else know what I mean?