Saturday, July 31, 2010

Phone Irony

After several months of having this phone, I finally took time to fix my phone settings EXACTLY like I wanted (which included a couple of factory resets along the way).
A few days later, I removed the insurance from my phone (and Matt's) because I figured I didn't need it since I've gone this long without needing it.

Also last week, I purchased a Droid X on one of my lines that had an upgrade. Since I was getting the discounted contract price but don't really use that line, I planned to sell the phone on eBay and make a profit. First time I sold it for a $331 profit, but the person never paid. Second time I sold it for a $375 profit, the buyer was a scam artist out of Nigeria. Third time I sold it for a $332 profit, the buyer's 10 year old nephew was 'playing' around on eBay and put in the winning bid. Never sold. So, I returned it to Verizon.

Monday night, I lost my phone (the one I had JUST finished setting up-the one I had JUST removed insurance from-and the very day I could have JUST kept the extra phone for my line).

Oh, the irony.

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  1. Funny!

    Unfortunately for you, if that Droid X was on AT&T you would have sold it within a day. But Verizon phones aren't really network-portable. So even if someone bought it from you online, they would still have to go to a Verizon store and pay to get it activated and pay for a plan. It wouldn't work anywhere else without some serious technical skills.

    And if they were going to do that, then why know just get a plan and get the lower price on the phone?

    The one likely exception is maybe someone who already has a verizon phone but wants another one to play with or to write code on. They would still have to jump through the hoops, but there wouldn't really be any better alternatives...

    Katie bought a droid X and she LOVES it. I played with it a little bit and it is really nice, but there are a couple of significant software glitches. I'll give them a couple of months to iron those out and then maybe ask Santa for one for Christmas!