Friday, August 13, 2010

Fiona Adventures

To be honest, I thought that Fiona was a small dog. I didn't really comprehend that she was a puppy. I probably would not have been so excited about getting her. Our first couple weeks were pretty rough with all the whining, yelping, barking, and house training. I thought I was going to go insane! Thankfully, she's doing much better now, but here are some of the adventures we tackled:
1. She seems to have come to us with giardia, which is a not-so-fun infection of her intestines. She's had some lovely explosive diarrhea that sometimes greets us in (and out of) her kennel when we come home. Thus, the pictures of her first bath. (Much better than a picture of the mess, I assure you.) Thankfully, Matt works at a great vet and gets good discounts on treatment for her. 2. I think on day #2 or 3, we had a dog bed laying beside her kennel because we thought Nala may want to lay close to her while we were gone. This site greeted us when we got home. Somehow, puppy managed to get the dog bed partially inside the crate, enough for her to tear out the insides and completely ruin the entire (XL-sized) dog bed. The next day, Matt came home from work and found that she had somehow pushed the bottom liner of the crate out and eaten a large portion of the carpet under her crate. (Goodbye, security deposit.)

3. As a result of the above incident, we decided to try keeping both the dogs out together but limited to one hallway. We bought this nice gate from Petsmart. There was nothing shredable. 4. We came home to this: Oh, Fiona...

She proves to me all the time that Nala really is the perfect dog. ;)


  1. oh my goodness!! this convinces me that if I ever adopt a dog they must be old and senile already. =) puppies are headaches, I hope you guys make it! love you dear.

  2. OH NO! Wow.. I didn't realize you guys had gotten another dog! Crazy!!!