Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A first for me...

So, last week, I wrote about having an excuse to bake. I was really excited as baking is a good stress reliever for me, but I didn't have any mixes in the cabinet and didn't want to go to the grocery store.As I was rummaging through my cabinet, I found a recipe for chocolate cake (and frosting) on the Cocoa container.I made this cake ALL from scratch. It was SOO much fun and reminded me of cooking/baking in Uz, where I got to learn a lot of the basics of made-from-scratch cooking from my friend Emily.

Though it wasn't the most structurally-sound cake I've ever seen, it tasted just fine. :)


  1. You know I don't like cake but that's beautiful!

  2. Looks yummy. Forrest would like me to bake a cake like that every week.
    Too bad we can't bake together these days!