Saturday, November 20, 2010

4 Years Ago Today

... was one of the best days EVER!Matt and I had recently returned from a mission trip to Romania. On that trip, I could tell that Matt KNEW that we were called to marriage. And then, a couple of days after that, my Mom called and said, 'hey, do you have any idea why Matt wants to come over and meet with me?' Ummm, DUH, Mom! So, then I was pretty excited. But Matt caught wind that I might know, so he did a great job of convincing me that it wasn't the right time. So, when it actually happened, I wasn't suspecting a thing! :)

... Monday, Nov. 20, we had a nice date planned. We dressed up and were going to go to a tapas place for dinner and then a fondue place for dessert. I was very excited for an official, dressy date, so when Matt came to pick me up, I had sparkling grade juice and cheese and crackers for us. I thought we would really enjoy the whole night and relax. Matt was rushing through and I had no idea why, but I just followed his lead. We left a little later than he had planned, and both of the places we tried to go to for dinner were closed.

Matt said that he had to go by his house to go to the restroom before we went to dinner at a different place. On the way to his house, he said that he wanted me to see a video that he had made with his college roommate. I sat down to watch it and heard our song. The video included a couple of inside jokes, but it was mostly full of pictures of us. In between pictures, the words, "Will...You...Marry...Me?" flashed up, and I couldn't believe what was really happening! When the video finished, Matt got on his knees in front of me, gave a little speech (which included him saying 'I Love You' for the first time) and then asked for my answer. I said, "of course!" and then we kissed and he gave me the ring.Matt had also made a video of several of our friends telling us why they are excited about us getting married. He had planned to use that as part of the proposal, but it didn't work out. We watched that video, and then he told me he had one more surprise planned
blindfolded me.He drove around & around to throw me off. Eventually, we ended up at his sister's house. When we got there, a lot of our friends and family were there for a surprise engagement party! It was wonderful! Honestly, it was perfect!

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  1. SWEET. I love engagement stories!! And your engagement ring is beautiful.