Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another Semester Down...

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As of about 11 pm on Sunday night, Matt and I are both finished with school for the semester. It's amazing what a freeing feeling it is!! It seems that when you're in grad school, there's always the feeling of something hanging over your head. There's always something more you could/should be doing like reading, researching, writing a paper, etc.

Well, Matt is now 15 hours into his Master of Arts in Teaching. So far, he's gotten all A's and B's, and I'm SO proud of him. This last set of classes, he doubled up and took 2 classes at the same time. It was tough, so he probably won't do that again. He has a break for about a month but will probably be working on some assignments that he has for the general degree, not for a specific class. I really enjoy helping him with his assignments and sometimes think maybe I should get a MAT too. :)

This semester was not fun for me at all. I was completely overwhelmed by trying to take 2 classes, especially with how it worked around my work schedule. I ended up with a C in Statistics, which was sort of a relief. I've never gotten a C on a report card in my whole life, so I kind of freaked out when I first saw it... but then, I actually thought about it and, considering everything that has been going on, I'm very thankful for that C. It qualifies as my pre-requisite, so I don't have to take it again. And I deserved it. And I got a B in my Business Enterprise class. I probably deserved a C in that class as well, so I'm very thankful for that B.

After this semester, I've actually decided to take a break indefinitely from school. I want to be able to spend my time doing other things and being able to do them well. Trying to add school into the equation was a quite overwhelming for me, and I have other commitments that really fell to the side.

So, that's just a brief grad school update from us. Matt continues on, halfway to his goal (in less than a year!), and I'm bowing out graciously. I'm much more excited about being a cheerleader for Matt. He's gonna be a great teacher someday (again)!

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  1. Yes he will! I miss those kids :) I'm proud of you both for going back to school, even if you are going to put it on hold for a bit. It's something that's not even on my radar right now, but it will be eventually. Do you guys want to teach abroad again?