Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Festival of Lights

Last Wednesday night, Mark, Steph, Steven, Matt and I went to the James Island County Park for the Festival of Lights. We all piled into Mark's truck for family togetherness. We had fun driving around the park looking at all the light displays. Of course, there was lovely Christmas music playing the whole time...

We would drive through things like this:And saw lots of things like this:Then we walked around and went into the shops and then watched the Christmas Trees that were set for their lights to go with the music. It was very cold, but we had lots of fun.

The James Island lights is something that I've done with my family almost every year since it started. It's also where I had my first-ever date. I remember going there with my Dad, and other family and friends from out of town. Lots of good memories!

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