Sunday, January 30, 2011

40th Random Photo

Photo 39 was from summer 2001. I went to Summersalt Camp with Matt's youth group that summer. This picture was taken one of the afternoons when I was giving Matt a haircut in our room. Holy cow! Look how young we were!

Here's Number 40!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Photo, Take 39

Pic 38 was taken recently. The day after Christmas this year, it snowed in Charleston, and I took this picture of Steven outside Grandma's. Can't see the snow very well though.

Here's 39:

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Random Photo, Take 38

Pic 37 was a picture that Valerie and Laura sent me of them and Nala on my birthday in 2008. (Though there was some healthy sibling debate about whether it may have been Christmas of that year.) Neither of my beautiful sisters think it's the most flattering picture, but I love it!

Here's 38:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Unreached People of the Day --->

Please notice the unreached people of the day widget today. I've had the opportunity to visit Kyrgyzst@n and see what God is doing there. He is truly at work, especially this last year since there has been a revolution and some ethnic violence. Honestly, please take a minute to pray today.
And pray for all of the people who live there in order to share about Jesus, including some very special friends of mine. Thanks!

(And you can click on the link above or on the picture beside this post for more information on how to pray.)

Random Photo, Take 37

Photo 36 was our first day in Thailand, Sept 4, 2008. Shaela was showing us the ropes and introduced us to this fruit shake stand down the street from GES. (K, you were pretty close!) :)

Photo 37:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Random Photo, Take 36

Pic 35 was what we fondly refer to as Christmas Jeffrey. Jeffrey is our 6' tall stuffed giraffe that Matt has had since high school. The first year we were married, we didn't get a Christmas tree, so we just decorated Jeffrey. All we had was this cell phone picture. Fun memories though!

Here's 36

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday

  • Today, I'm especially thankful that we're moving soon.
  • I'm thankful that we have some time to do this move right. Our last few moves have been in a hurry with stuff spread out all over the place. We still have a month, and we've already started packing and getting rid of stuff. It feels great!
  • I'm loving lots of my Christmas presents and thankful for such giving family.
  • SOOO thankful for our Community Group and the friendships we've gained through this group of people.
  • Super thankful for miracles like babies. I have so many friends expecting, and it just gives me such awe of the God who creates life.
  • Thankful that Matt has started classes again. Means it's getting closer to when he'll be done.
  • Thankful for my job. I don't always love it, but I'm thankful for it.
  • Also thankful for the new financial ministry at our church. Tonight, we're meeting to just get some perspective and help get things more in order.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Photo, Take 35

Pic 34 was of all the Tyndall women in November 2000 at Awanita Youth Retreat. Awanita was a yearly thing with the FBC youth group, but I'm pretty sure 2000 was the only year we were all there together.

Here's 35:
Sorry it's so small...

Random Photo, Take 34

Pic 33 was in May 2007 at a graduation party for Lauryn and Jenna Duncan. This was Steph, Dad, Matt, me and Mark. Matt and I had just returned from Brent & Jenny's wedding in Columbia. A fun day!

Here's #34

Monday, January 17, 2011

Random Photo, Take 33

Photo 32 was April 2009, at the Charleston Airport when we had just returned from Thailand. This was me (a VERY travel-weary me) with baby Lilly Lawson (my first time meeting her!) and Eddie and Frances.

Here's #33.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Random Photo, Take 32

Pic 31 was Easter 2008, our first married Easter when we lived in Texas. Nala was still pretty new to us at that point, but you can tell we were already smitten.

Here's #32. (A very yucky picture of me.)

Friday, January 14, 2011

2011: We're Moving!

So, as predicted, in this post over a year ago, 2010 was a year where we stayed put. We didn't move in 2010. The first year since we've been married, and the first year for me with no moving at all since 2000!!! In fact, the condo was the place we've stayed the longest (almost double!) than any other place we've lived in our married life. We enjoyed some of the stability. But...
... as I wrote about in this post last June, we have been wanting do the the Cares ministry in Charleston. This week, things have been finalized for us to move into Bolton's Landing here in West Ashley in order to be the Cares team there! We'll be moving over there on February 18th. We're so excited! It will be quite an adjustment as we learn to change our schedules around to focus more on our neighbors and building relationships with them. This is one of the reasons I am taking a break from grad school. We'll be planning about 3 events per month for our community and doing visits to neighbors when they move in, when they are close to being out of their leases, and also if we hear someone is sick or in need of some company.But, we feel like this will be a great fit for us, and a great opportunity to meet lots of new people and hopefully for us to be able to invest into people's lives.

Ginger was Here!

It felt like Christmas all over again when Ginger rolled into town on January 4th. I love that lady, and there is truly no one like your best friend! Even though it has been almost a year to the day, it felt like it had been almost no time, and we always pick up right where we left off. (Though I can assure you the year in between felt like 10!)

Overview of her visit:
Day 1: She arrived late afternoon, and we helped her stretch her legs by playing frisbee with Nala for awhile. Then we worked on making a Mexican feast for dinner because Amber came over to join us for dinner! After dinner, the three of us ladies hung out on our bed while Matt & a couple guys from church had their discipleship group. After the guys & Amber left, Matt & Ginger participated in a regular tradition when they are together: watching Family Guy. Then, we went to sleep eventually.

Day 2: We slept in and took it easy in the morning. Ginger helped me organize my coupons (something you can really only do with true friends). We talked & caught up during the day and watched some episodes of Life (another thing Matt & Ginger typically do together is watch nature shows, but I like these too.) We ran a couple of errands then went over to my Mom's for dinner with her and Laura. Laura didn't know we would be there, so when she walked in and saw us and Ginger, her squeals of excitement were contagious! She's so cute! We had a yummy dinner (thanks, Momma) then played Dutch Blitz, a new game for most of us. Very much like Nertz and very fun. After that, Matt headed home because he had to work the next day, but Ginger and I stayed to watch the last 4 episodes of 24, season 4. My Mom and Laura have been completely addicted for the last month and have worked their way from Season 1. We left their house around 12:30 and drove the suburban home which brought back good memories of lots of our road trips. Then, we stayed up until almost 4 am looking through old pictures & videos together and sharing stories.

Day 3: We slept in later than we had planned and took it easy around the house again. Ginger spent the afternoon with another friend while Matt and I ran errands. We went out to eat that night at Wild Wing Cafe, at Ginger's request, with Mark & Steph, Steven, Amber and Michelle. After dinner, Ginger spent time with Michelle then Matt, Ging and I came back to our house and exchanged Christmas presents. Ginger's presents for me included gifts from Togo, South Africa, Wisconsin, Maine, and West Virginia, representing only some of the places she has been this last year! Crazy. Since it was our last evening together, Ging and I stayed up pretty late again, this time breaking in our new Christmas presents, some digital scrapbooking software. And we both committed to doing Project 365, which is where you take a picture each day of the year that is representative of your life. We made our first few pages together and ended up staying up way later than we intended.

Day 4: Again, we slept later than we had planned, but got up and got ready pretty quickly so we could do one more tradition: breakfast and quality time at Panera. I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of hours that Ging & I have spent at Panera! Sharing stories, planning adventures, crying over boys, giggling over boys, separately spending time with Jesus, listening to music, journaling and doing Bible studies. So, we made sure we got in about an hour that morning of encouraging one another. After our Panera date, I went off to work, and she met up with Amber to spend her last 24 hours in Charleston with her other friends here. It was a tearful goodbye, but at least this time, it looks like it will only be about 6 months until we see each other again.

Until next time, Ginger... Love you so much, best friend!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Random Photo, Take 31

Photo 30 was part of our home in Uzbekistan. (The photo was taken as if you had just walked in the door, so this was part of the entrance.) It was really Forrest & Emily's house, but Debbie and I moved in after they had to leave. Lots of fun memories on that thing (which Diana reminded me is called a "chorpa"). Backgammon games, English lesson planning, Cribbage playing, and even sleeping there several nights when we had friends visiting. I miss that place!

P.S. Yes, Becky, there is an animal under it, which I didn't even notice. That is part of Blackie, the dog who came with the house. He lived with at least 3 different foreign families (me & Debs included)!

Here's #31

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

30th Random Photo

Random Photo 29 was Mom and Ginger the first week of July 2007 at my bachelorette party. And the random guy who also posed for the picture makes this one a classic. (I like that y'all noticed him too!)

Here's #30. This one's kinda different since there's no one in it.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Random Photo, Take 29

Pic 28 was Fall 2002, and it's Mom and baby Amber Thurlow. Sweet Memories.

Here's #29

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Day

Whew, Christmas Day! It's taken me awhile to get this one together because of all the pictures and the sheer overwhelmingness of a Flagler Christmas. This was my 4th, and it's finally sinking in. And I love it.

So, here's the pile of gifts that we took from our house. I love giving gifts and trying to find great gifts for everyone. I always want to do more than we do, but this year, we did fairly well at sticking with our Christmas budget.

We went to the Peterson's around 7am (which, thankfully, is later than we usually get up on Christmas.) We woke up Steven and Lauryn and did stockings. Here was our stocking pile. As mentioned in a previous post, Christmas was supposed to be smaller this year, but some things obviously got bigger. Momma-to-be Steph got a gigantic stocking full of 'different' foods from her Santa. Good job, Santa! :)
Everyone showed up close to 8 am for the big Christmas breakfast. This year, we had quiches, bacon, yummy grits, and Belgian waffles.
Then, it's time for presents. A pic from far away to get a good idea of the enormousness of Flagler Christmas presents. Granted, this is for about 12 people.
Passing out presents.
Noah's pile had him just about burried.
View of us with our piles.
Beginnings of the unwrapping. Everyone goes around individually and opens one at a time. Scott said he thought it would last 2 hours. I said 6. It lasted 4.5. I won. :)
Some hilarious moments from this year's unwrapping: Matt got this book, which is a manual for the camera that we really want. Matt said: "I hope this means I'm getting the camera too." Gary (who had gotten Matt this book) said: "I hope so too!" (We didn't get the camera, but we do have the manual so we can study up on it.) :)
Mark got this fancy grill. But the surprise was ruined when Dad pulled up to the Peterson home with the grill in the back of his truck, and Matt said (with Mark right next to him), "Why is there a grill in the back of Dad's truck?". Oops.
Apparently, Steven has wanted this tie since his inception. He said so.
Gift card for Scott.
LOTS of tools for Dad.
A Kitchen Aid mixer for me! Incidentally, I opened up a Kitchen Aid part from Mark and Steph before knowing that I had gotten a Kitchen Aid mixer.
Matt's blood runneth Pepsi.
Our car VERY full on the way home.

After gifts finish up, we finish making Christmas dinner then go to Grandma & Grandpa's for a big dinner. Aunt Pat joined us there for her gifts too. After Christmas dinner, Matt and I went home to settle in some of our stuff. Then we head back over to the Tyndalls' for our stockings over there and more fun puppy time and debriefing from their visit to Spartanburg. Matt calls that 'Christmas Dessert'. :)

It was a wonderful Christmas! Celebrating Jesus, celebrating with family and friends! And wonderful gifts!
Thank you, family, for a wonderful Christmas!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random Photo, Take 28

Pic 27 was in Uzbekistan in September 2005. Three of these girls are Sabo, Zilola, and Aziza. I can't remember the names of the other 2 because I think this was the only time I saw them. This was at Zilola's birthday party.

Here's #28.

Random Photo, Take 27

Pic 26 was August 18, 2009 at James & Bailey's wedding in Wilmington, NC. This is Jeannene, Aunt Kim, and Laura. 3 lovely ladies!

Here's 27:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Eve with the Tyndalls

We're always with my family on Christmas Eve. Matt misses his family's catfish stew tradition, but he doesn't mind too much since we get to be with his family most of Christmas Day.

I love Christmas Eve. This year, we were pretty relaxed during the day. Matt did his Santa shopping for me, but other than that, we were low key. We met my family for the Christmas Eve service at First Baptist Mt Pleasant (my childhood church). It's always good to be back there and see so many familiar faces. And I love taking time to celebrate Jesus with songs and Scripture about His birth.After church, we go back to Mom's house and get ready for fondue dinner. It's tradition, and we've done it for every year but one for at least the last 7 years. For some reason, Mom couldn't remember that but received the same answer from each of us when she asked us what we wanted for Christmas Eve dinner: "Fondue. It's tradition. Except last year you made Mazetti, and that was just weird." Haha, funny!After fondue, we exchange gifts, which recently has become drawing names for one big gift per person and little things for everyone else. Helps things be a little less stressful financially. And it's fun trying to figure out who drew your name. Though it will definitely be harder to figure out when there are more people in the pool. Hopefully more guys will enter the picture soon.

Gifts were great this year! Mom got a zoom mirror and a membership to the Mt. Pleasant Senior Center (weird!?!) and a gift certificate for her concealed weapons license. Laura got some cowboy rain boots, an iTunes gift card, Glee season 1, and some other tv shows. Valerie got a new camera and a new cell phone.Matt also got Glee season 1, Our Planet Earth, Christmas socks and tie, and a gift card.
I got lots of music on my computer, some candles, and a Lane Bryant gift card. I'm sure I forgot some stuff, but that's the gist, I think. :)

The dogs are all part of the Christmas Eve too. Mom gives them all special treats, and it's fun to watch all FOUR of them around the house with their new toys and treats. I only put a few pictures on here, but there's a whole album on Facebook if you want more pictures.

Thanks for such a wonderful Christmas Eve, family! We love you lots!