Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Day

Whew, Christmas Day! It's taken me awhile to get this one together because of all the pictures and the sheer overwhelmingness of a Flagler Christmas. This was my 4th, and it's finally sinking in. And I love it.

So, here's the pile of gifts that we took from our house. I love giving gifts and trying to find great gifts for everyone. I always want to do more than we do, but this year, we did fairly well at sticking with our Christmas budget.

We went to the Peterson's around 7am (which, thankfully, is later than we usually get up on Christmas.) We woke up Steven and Lauryn and did stockings. Here was our stocking pile. As mentioned in a previous post, Christmas was supposed to be smaller this year, but some things obviously got bigger. Momma-to-be Steph got a gigantic stocking full of 'different' foods from her Santa. Good job, Santa! :)
Everyone showed up close to 8 am for the big Christmas breakfast. This year, we had quiches, bacon, yummy grits, and Belgian waffles.
Then, it's time for presents. A pic from far away to get a good idea of the enormousness of Flagler Christmas presents. Granted, this is for about 12 people.
Passing out presents.
Noah's pile had him just about burried.
View of us with our piles.
Beginnings of the unwrapping. Everyone goes around individually and opens one at a time. Scott said he thought it would last 2 hours. I said 6. It lasted 4.5. I won. :)
Some hilarious moments from this year's unwrapping: Matt got this book, which is a manual for the camera that we really want. Matt said: "I hope this means I'm getting the camera too." Gary (who had gotten Matt this book) said: "I hope so too!" (We didn't get the camera, but we do have the manual so we can study up on it.) :)
Mark got this fancy grill. But the surprise was ruined when Dad pulled up to the Peterson home with the grill in the back of his truck, and Matt said (with Mark right next to him), "Why is there a grill in the back of Dad's truck?". Oops.
Apparently, Steven has wanted this tie since his inception. He said so.
Gift card for Scott.
LOTS of tools for Dad.
A Kitchen Aid mixer for me! Incidentally, I opened up a Kitchen Aid part from Mark and Steph before knowing that I had gotten a Kitchen Aid mixer.
Matt's blood runneth Pepsi.
Our car VERY full on the way home.

After gifts finish up, we finish making Christmas dinner then go to Grandma & Grandpa's for a big dinner. Aunt Pat joined us there for her gifts too. After Christmas dinner, Matt and I went home to settle in some of our stuff. Then we head back over to the Tyndalls' for our stockings over there and more fun puppy time and debriefing from their visit to Spartanburg. Matt calls that 'Christmas Dessert'. :)

It was a wonderful Christmas! Celebrating Jesus, celebrating with family and friends! And wonderful gifts!
Thank you, family, for a wonderful Christmas!

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