Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Community Group Christmas Party 12-19

We had a wonderful Christmas celebration the Sunday night before Christmas with our Community Group. We had yummy snacks and hung around for awhile then did a White Elephant gift exchange (Chinese Auction Style). Then we played a ridiculous game of charades, where certain people had to act out embarrassing things like 'gynecologist'. I hate charades, but enjoyed it that night since those types of games can be fun with people that you really love.
We were greeted by Lauren and the Christmas princess herself, Allie.

Lauren and Matty
Me with the Allie girl. What a cutie!
Madison very pleased after somehow successfully acting out M.C. Hammer's 'You Can't Touch This'
The Gals at the Party... missing several from our normal group.
The guys at the party. Almost all the guys were there.

Our White Elephant scores: A Harry and the Hendersons DVD and a Costco-style giant box of microwave popcorn (half full). The popcorn may have been re-gifted at the next Christmas party... :)

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