Friday, January 14, 2011

Ginger was Here!

It felt like Christmas all over again when Ginger rolled into town on January 4th. I love that lady, and there is truly no one like your best friend! Even though it has been almost a year to the day, it felt like it had been almost no time, and we always pick up right where we left off. (Though I can assure you the year in between felt like 10!)

Overview of her visit:
Day 1: She arrived late afternoon, and we helped her stretch her legs by playing frisbee with Nala for awhile. Then we worked on making a Mexican feast for dinner because Amber came over to join us for dinner! After dinner, the three of us ladies hung out on our bed while Matt & a couple guys from church had their discipleship group. After the guys & Amber left, Matt & Ginger participated in a regular tradition when they are together: watching Family Guy. Then, we went to sleep eventually.

Day 2: We slept in and took it easy in the morning. Ginger helped me organize my coupons (something you can really only do with true friends). We talked & caught up during the day and watched some episodes of Life (another thing Matt & Ginger typically do together is watch nature shows, but I like these too.) We ran a couple of errands then went over to my Mom's for dinner with her and Laura. Laura didn't know we would be there, so when she walked in and saw us and Ginger, her squeals of excitement were contagious! She's so cute! We had a yummy dinner (thanks, Momma) then played Dutch Blitz, a new game for most of us. Very much like Nertz and very fun. After that, Matt headed home because he had to work the next day, but Ginger and I stayed to watch the last 4 episodes of 24, season 4. My Mom and Laura have been completely addicted for the last month and have worked their way from Season 1. We left their house around 12:30 and drove the suburban home which brought back good memories of lots of our road trips. Then, we stayed up until almost 4 am looking through old pictures & videos together and sharing stories.

Day 3: We slept in later than we had planned and took it easy around the house again. Ginger spent the afternoon with another friend while Matt and I ran errands. We went out to eat that night at Wild Wing Cafe, at Ginger's request, with Mark & Steph, Steven, Amber and Michelle. After dinner, Ginger spent time with Michelle then Matt, Ging and I came back to our house and exchanged Christmas presents. Ginger's presents for me included gifts from Togo, South Africa, Wisconsin, Maine, and West Virginia, representing only some of the places she has been this last year! Crazy. Since it was our last evening together, Ging and I stayed up pretty late again, this time breaking in our new Christmas presents, some digital scrapbooking software. And we both committed to doing Project 365, which is where you take a picture each day of the year that is representative of your life. We made our first few pages together and ended up staying up way later than we intended.

Day 4: Again, we slept later than we had planned, but got up and got ready pretty quickly so we could do one more tradition: breakfast and quality time at Panera. I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of hours that Ging & I have spent at Panera! Sharing stories, planning adventures, crying over boys, giggling over boys, separately spending time with Jesus, listening to music, journaling and doing Bible studies. So, we made sure we got in about an hour that morning of encouraging one another. After our Panera date, I went off to work, and she met up with Amber to spend her last 24 hours in Charleston with her other friends here. It was a tearful goodbye, but at least this time, it looks like it will only be about 6 months until we see each other again.

Until next time, Ginger... Love you so much, best friend!

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  1. tricia! what an amazing time you had with ginger! I love how you captured every moment. very nice. =)