Thursday, January 13, 2011

Random Photo, Take 31

Photo 30 was part of our home in Uzbekistan. (The photo was taken as if you had just walked in the door, so this was part of the entrance.) It was really Forrest & Emily's house, but Debbie and I moved in after they had to leave. Lots of fun memories on that thing (which Diana reminded me is called a "chorpa"). Backgammon games, English lesson planning, Cribbage playing, and even sleeping there several nights when we had friends visiting. I miss that place!

P.S. Yes, Becky, there is an animal under it, which I didn't even notice. That is part of Blackie, the dog who came with the house. He lived with at least 3 different foreign families (me & Debs included)!

Here's #31

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