Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cleaning out STUFF

I'm a packrat. On the verge of being a hoarder. I came by it honestly, but I don't want to be this way forever. Moving is a good reason to go through things, and we've been cleaning out a lot of this stuff. I've even been throwing things away and taking lots to Goodwill. This is a big deal.

Some things I laugh that I kept, but some things I would still like to keep around. But for the sake of not ending up on one of those hoarding tv shows, I've come up with an alternate solution: I take pictures of all the 'mementos' that are not worth keeping around but are worth remembering.

I think I'll make myself a memory book.

Some things, I still haven't fully decided about. Can you give me your opinions? Keep or Toss?
Brochures from every trip I've been on. Places we may or may not have visited.
(Leading towards Toss.)
"Field Guide" from my semester at FFI.
(Leaning towards Keep)
Align CenterApparently in Elementary and Middle School, I liked making my own Telephone & Address books.
We found no less than 5 of these.
(Probably tossing most of them).
Trophies from various sports.
(Thinking: Toss?)
Art projects. This was a 'basket' I made with pieces of braided clay at art camp one summer.
(Leaning towards Toss)
Miss New Mexico addressed it to me. But I don't remember meeting her.
And she spelled my name wrong.
(Leaning towards Toss)
Notes. I've kept just about every note that's ever been written to me.
(Need time to go through all of these. I'm sure I could toss some and would want to keep others.)
Wedding response cards.
Matt sent me this card my freshman year of college. It's at least 2 feet tall, and the other side is filled with his ramblings.
(Can't decide).

I'll stop here. There are TONS more. But you get the idea...


  1. Here are my thoughts:

    Toss: brochures, phone/address books (very cute though!), cards & notes with no meaning (sorry babe, you're going to have to go through these!), wedding response cards.

    Keep: Focus on the Fam book, trophies, art projects, cards with meaning, Miss NM is just hilarious... I think keep her for a white elephant gift exhange!!!, matt's 2 ft. card... priceless! hahaha. Happy Sorting! Wish I was there to help!!! xo

  2. oh, I'm like you - I have boxes of stuff like that I've saved. I've heard of one idea where the all kids had a box (whatever size you decide on) and whatever they save has to fit in that box. So you could limit yourself in that way if you wanted.

    I don't know . . . I save so much stuff!! ;)

  3. Throw it all away. The problem with hoarders is they find security in things--we keep things to remind us we are loved in one way or another. We must learn to know we are loved in our innermost being, instead of through possessions we keep. We must not live through yesterday, but strive to live everyday as the only day.

    Keep things that are very important. These are not. Love you. If you need help, let me know.;-)

  4. definitely keep the giant card. for sure.