Sunday, February 6, 2011

Matt's 26 Today!

Well, some things have changed since last year's birthday post, but not as much as the year before.

Today is your 26th birthday!!!

These are things about you that are true today:Jobs: Client Service Coordinator at Banfield Pet Hospital & Front Desk Associate at Doubletree (sometimes) & Grad School Student. (You're a busy man!)
Things I love about you: You are seriously my favorite person in the world. My days are SO much better when I get to see you and spend time with you. You are working so hard to get us out of debt. You are able to remember the big picture when I get caught up on little things. You are so funny and make me laugh! You are also so laid-back. You snuggle me. You play with my hair and like me to play with yours.You're my best friend, and we still love hanging out. That you kill spiders and bugs for me even though you don't like it either. You love Nala so much, and I can't wait to see how much you'll love our kids. You remind me to turn to Jesus instead of you sometimes. You really love your family. You aren't perfect, and you know it. You're real! You help me to be real. I love your eyes. Your kisses. Your hugs. I love how you get excited about things I think are silly. You do the dishes and laundry. You drive an old hoopty car and never complain. You pack my lunches. You read out loud to me.
Activities/Interests: Hanging out with me, Nala, Community Group & Church stuff, Reading, TV (specifically court shows and reality shows), Aquariums, Wii-ing, Playing the Nintendo DS, watching scary movies, watching movies in general, photography, animals, playing games, playing computer games, watching Spongebob, traveling.

Favorite foods: Japanese, Italian food, Sushi, Salads. Ginger's frosting. Desserts! Sugar, Brown Sugar, Powdered Sugar. Raw hamburger meat. Stove Top. Rice.

Least Favorite foods: Anything Breakfast. Meatloaf.

Things you did while you were 25:
Started grad school. Found a great church and community group. Had oral surgery. Got a 2nd dog and took it back a few months later. Took a big family trip to California. Lots of laundry and dishes. Got a King Bed.Favorite Shows: The People's Court. Judge Judy. Top Chef. Friends. Spongebob. 24. Glee. Life (narrated by David Attenborough, not Oprah).Favorite Movies: too many to name: Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Christopher Guest movies...What you want to be when you grow up: Elementary School teacher and stay-at-home DadHonestly, this has probably been the most challenging year of our lives so far. It has been amazing to watch you grow during this time. I have seen you grow into a stronger man as you share your life with others. I love seeing you turn to God and lead me to Him. I respect you so much for working so hard for our family and our future goals. I pray your next year will be one full of more joy and fun! Everyday, I will continue to be so thankful that God gave me you as my husband. And everyday, I will be so thankful to live this life with you.
I love you, Matthew! Happy 26th Birthday!

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  1. Yay!!! Happy Birthday Matt!!! We love you too and hope you have a great birthday! Tricia-we are so thankful for your marriage and your love for Matt! It's so great to see your genuine heartfelt love for Matt and the fact that you really "like" him :) (you know, because you don't always see that from a wife)! We love you too, Tricia!!!