Friday, April 8, 2011

Before & After : Chopped off the Hair!

I've been growing my hair our for almost 2 years to give to Locks of Love.

I've tried doing it before but never followed through because I'm really not a long hair kinda person.

But this time, I did it!
A picture from about a month ago to show how long it had gotten.
Pic from the back on Chopping Day.
Seriously the longest my hair has been. Ever.
What it looked like after the ponytail had been cut off.
The finished product: front. :)
The finished project: back.
I LOVE the back!

Poor Matty is not thrilled with the shortness, but I keep reminding him it's not as short as it was when we moved to Thailand (pic below), so he should be happy. :) And, it's just hair, so it will grow back.


  1. Love!

    I wondered if you were growing for LOL. I'm considering it again..... but I remember HATING it when it got long enough.

  2. Looks great, Tricia!! Way to go:)