Friday, April 1, 2011

More Apartment Pics, Progress

Aunt Pat unpacking the kitchen. I have A LOT of kitchen stuff. Even after cleaning a lot out.

By the end of Day 2, we had actually made some progress. I even considered this room done (besides having pictures up.) The guest bathroom.
Which is a good thing. Because we had our first houseguest that night. Valerie's boyfriend, Zeb, was the one to win the first guest award. He was rewarded with a nice air mattress...
... and half of the room filled with "stuff". This part of the room was the staging area. Thanks for being such a gracious guest, Zeb!
Pictures being hung always makes me feel more settled.
Matt working in the 'office'.
I already mentioned I have a lot of kitchen stuff. So much that it didn't fit in the cabinets (or the storage area in the laundry room). So Matt found this cabinet at Office Depot which we re-purposed to be a kitchen cabinet. I actually like how it turned out.
Also, we had put money aside for an armoire. I wanted something where we could close the TV away. We looked forever and loved this when we first saw it. We waited a week though, just to make sure it was really the one we wanted. We LOVE it!
When are you gonna come visit?

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