Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bethany Training

Driving early in the morning to Columbia.

Friday, we woke up early and went up to Columbia for the Bethany training meeting. Just like every stage of this adoption process, it became even more real that day.

We heard more about the approval process, more about financing adoption, more about the home study process, more about how we are chosen by the expectant mother/family. We also heard from a birth mother and some adoptive families about their recent experiences.

We also happened to run into some familiar faces from Upstate Crusade days and got to catch up and talk about our mutual love for Central Asia.

It was wonderful and a bit intimidating and incredibly exciting.

Our next step is the home study, and our social worker is actually coming to our home tomorrow (Thursday) for our first meeting.After the meeting, we drove home with the top down.
(My mom let us borrow her convertible for the day because our car was having some issues.)

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