Friday, May 20, 2011

Home Study Meeting #2

Last Monday, we got to drive up to the Myrtle Beach Bethany office to meet with our social worker. This meeting was a little deeper than the last. We talked more in depth about the families we came from and who we are, our strengths and weaknesses, and our struggles and successes. Even though there was more sensitive material, it still felt as though we were sitting down and talking with a friend, instead of a formal interview. I'm really thankful that Bethany (well at least our social worker) takes this approach. It's so much easier to be honest! The drive up and back was fun in itself because we got to have that quality time together. The driving time was longer than our meeting time. My interview with her was about 45 minutes, and Matt's was about 20 minutes. After our interviews, we went to Broadway at the Beach and walked around for a couple of hours. We also had a special celebratory lunch at Hard Rock while we were there. This process has brought Matt and I so much closer than I ever imagined. It's been a huge gift that our relationship has grown so much more special these last 8.5 months since we decided to pursue adoption. I'm soooo thankful that God gave me Matt.

Our social worker comes back to Charleston tomorrow for our final meeting in the home study process. Prayerfully, after this meeting, we will be approved and we can start applying for grants. Also, once we receive final approval, it's possible that a birth mother could pick us at any time.

Please pray with us as the time factor starts to become more of a reality. On so many levels, we are VERY ready to be parents. Of course, there are other levels where we still have a few things to figure out. I imagine that people are never FULLY prepared for parenthood, but we want to be wise and responsible as we enter this journey. Thanks for sharing in this process with us!

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