Saturday, May 7, 2011

Home Visit #1

Thursday afternoon our social worker came to our place to check it out and get to know us. It was very laid back and not stressful. It was actually really fun!

Even the night before, Matt was shocked that I wasn't frantically cleaning and freaking out, but I had a strange sense of peace and excitement instead of panic. It was probably at least partially because our friends Mark and Lauren told us that it really wasn't a huge deal and not to get too stressed about it. However, I DID clean the apartment extra-well, so I finally have pictures to share of the bedrooms.

She showed up a little early, so we just chatted and hung out until Matt got home. We talked about her family, her career, Cares, our family, church, etc. It was really like getting together with a friend instead of a 'homestudy'. We did ask a lot of questions about birth mothers and what some of her favorite stories were.

Our next step is to go up to Myrtle Beach on Monday for interviews. We are also working on our family profile and letter to the birthparent(s). Then, May 20th will be our final home visit, and we expect to be approved sometime the next week. (Lord willing.)

We are having our first fundraiser next Saturday, a yard sale at my Mom's house. Already, several friends are donating stuff for us to sale. It's so special to see so many people supporting our future baby. Thank you all!

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