Friday, May 20, 2011

A Mini Gburg Reunion

CCC Gatlinburg Summer Project 2002 "The Beast of the East"

A couple of my faithful readers will find this post especially interesting. On May 5th, we had a Charleston-area GSP '02 reunion! Well, of course, it was a mini reunion because it was only for the Charleston area folks, but that was a lot more people than you may think.

Kurt & Morgan (a Gburg marriage!), Dan, Tricia, Brandon, Amber W

Dan Maloy, Kurt & Morgan Brewer, and Brandon Hammond are all on staff with Cru here in the Charleston area. So, Amber Williams and I joined them (and all the spouses/fiances joined as well)!
Kurt, Dan, Brandon (The Guys)

Shannon Maloy, Morgan, Tricia, Ansley Hammond + 2 kiddos, and Amber.
The whole gang (left to right):
Amber & her fiance Sherief Khalil,
Kurt & Morgan Brewer,
Dan & Shannon Maloy,
Brandon, Ansley, Myra Grace & Mackey Hammond,
and the Flaglers

It was lots of fun to get together. Interestingly enough, much of the same crew (though switch Ginger Henry for the Hammonds) had a get together on Cinco de Mayo in 2007. Maybe we will have to make it more of an annual tradition? :)

Would any of you out-of-towners join us?


  1. Aw, that does look like fun. It's possible we'd join you one of these days, but just depends. Like seeing everyone's smiling faces in your pictures!!

  2. Love this post!! Wish I could've joined you! G-Burg 4-eva!