Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Waiting for Hailey

During our meeting at Bethany, we got a text that Stephani was in labor, so we headed straight to the hospital when we got back in town from our meeting.

We picked up some food for everyone waiting and arrived at the hospital around 7 pm. Hailey is one loved little girl, so there were lots of family & friends already there. (Mark and Steph had checked into the hospital around 3:30). Even more arrived after we got there. Pretty sure there was a total of 16 people who were there throughout the evening cheering Stephani on and waiting to meet baby Hailey.

Gary, Grandpa, and Dad/Papa
Grandma, Lauryn, Gail/GiGi
Towards the beginning of the evening. Waiting for updates.
More of Mark's family starting arriving.
Sydney, Dana, Mike/Popa, Judith/Petey, and Kevin

While we were waiting, we would go back to the labor & delivery room and visit them periodically, but we spent most of the time out in the waiting room.
Grandma, Lillie, Maddison, Lauryn, Gail (the guessers)
We made guesses about what time she would arrive and what she would look like. (see videos)

We watched clips of the Royal Wedding reruns and Shark Tank. We played games with their nieces and the visitor stickers.
We anxiously awaited any updates about Stephani's progress and how Hailey was doing.
Callie came out to give updates.
And Mark came out to give updates.

Stephani had a very difficult labor and was stuck at 8 cm for about 3 hours. She finally got to 10 cm around 2 am, but they knew it would probably be at least a couple hours of pushing. So, we all left to go home and get some sleep. Matt had to work the next day, and we had already only slept for about 3 hours the night before.
Some of the waiting party fell asleep long before 2 am,
and some even went home starting at 10:10 (Gary!)
So, we all left around 2:30 after saying goodbye to Steph, and we went to sleep praying for Mark, Stephani and Baby Hailey.

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  1. Sounds like fun for most everyone but your poor sister-in-law:) But I've seen the precious pictures of you holding that baby, so know it all turned out well:)