Friday, June 17, 2011

Adoption Stories

I got to hear an adoption story today from my GA teacher growing up and a long-time family friend.  I LOVE adoption stories! 

If you have one, or know of one (the journey, process, story), that's written down somewhere, could you send me the link?  (Maybe put it in the comments because I'm sure some other readers are interested as well.)

It's so encouraging to hear stories of God's perfect timing, his provision, and his providence.  It's even good to hear the hard stories too because it keeps it real. 

We're having our 2nd round of yard sales this weekend.  Hoping to make LOTS of money to go toward the adoption!  Last yard sale forever in Crown Pointe.  That's just crazy! 


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  1. You may enjoy my friend Angela's blog. She has three adopted kids plus three others. All the adoption stories are different and they are fascinating.